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  TooManyItem 1.4.0 Beta
Last update: 8 April 2011 (Zan + CJB minimap compatibility and updated readme.txt)

Read the instructions, and download the mod below.

TooManyItems is an inventory mod that allows you to create items in both single- and multi-player (read the instructions before using it in multi-player!) When you open your inventory screen, left-click on the items on the right to add a full stack, or right-click to add 1 at a time.

Press the "o" key to turn TMI on and off. Your preference will be remembered separately for single- and multi-player.

Fast crafting: Right-click on the output square when crafting to craft the maximum possible amount. (Works while the inventory overlay is disabled).

Fast transfer (single-player only): Hold shift while placing an item into a chest, or into your inventory from a chest, to transfer all items of the same type and combine stacks. (Works while the inventory overlay is disabled).

Trash (single-player only): Drop an item on the Trash to delete it permanently. Hold down shift while clicking the button, now named Delete All, to delete all items on the current inventory screen (including chests). Hold down shift while dropping an item on the Trash to delete all items of that type on the current inventory screen (including chests).

Save states (single-player only): Several slots are available for you to save your entire inventory and restore it later. (The "x" button next to a saved state will remove it.) This can be used to save your "real" inventory before editing, save a blank inventory to clear out everything you're holding, save a full inventory of materials, share inventories between characters, etc.

Multiplayer: Read this. You need to be a server op. Also, every non-vanilla server works a little differently. By default, TMI uses the command format /give <player> <itemID> <quantity>, which is the one used by the "stock" Minecraft server. Third-party and modded servers have different commands. Find TooManyItems.txt in the same folder as your Minecraft options.txt, your screenshots folder, etc., and change the "give-command" line as needed for your server. Available insertions are: {0} player's username, {1} item ID, {2} quantity, {3} damage.

Note: Colored wool, dye, and similar items will only be available if you have {3} in your give command. The default server doesn't support it.

The command format for the vanilla server is: /give {0} {1} {2}.

The command format for Bukkit with the Essentials mod is: /item {1}:{3} {2} (There's a display bug related to this server/mod, see Troubleshooting).


Download current version (for 1.4 and 1.4_01)

Download previous version (for 1.3_01), Download previous version (for 1.3), Download previous version (for 1.2)


(YouTube video) Windows manual installation tutorial

TFC Mod Manager information & instructions

Minecrafter information & instructions

Manual mod installation instructions forum thread (Windows)

Manual mod installation instructions forum thread (Mac)


The Bukkit SMP bug where items are not visible at first is known. I'm working on it but am not sure if it is fixable. Clicking on the "next" open inventory slot will reveal the item (it may also have a quantity number even though the item graphic doesn't show up.)

Black screen: Check all of the following.
1. If you are installing manually, delete META-INF from inside minecraft.jar. You must do this each time that Minecraft is updated.
2. TMI may be incompatible with another mod. Does any other mod include the same game class file? (gp.class as of 1.4)
3. Two other mods may be incompatible. Nothing I can do.
4. One or more mods may be for the wrong version of Minecraft.
5. I will not respond to any more posts on black screen without specific error information, as there is nothing else I can say.

Crashes: If you get a crash with actual error information (i.e. the crash screen with a text box on it), please paste it into the thread or a private message, and I'll look at whether it involves TMI.

"Nothing happens": Press the "o" key while in the inventory screen to turn TMI on/off. Otherwise, you don't have it installed right.

Notes: TMI's code does not run until you open your inventory. Problems creating games are something else. TMI does not change any crafting recipes. TMI does not change the way that items function. You are not forced to use fast crafting: just left click like normal instead of right clicking. Yes, TMI does work in multiplayer, but read the instructions. No, it is not a server mod. Finally, the number of pages of items depends on your Minecraft window size, so, you are not missing items because it doesn't have the same pages as in the screenshot.

Uninstalling: If you manually installed a mod, the only way to uninstall is to either restore your backup copy of minecraft.jar (you did make a backup, right?) or delete minecraft.jar and run the game launcher so it downloads a new minecraft.jar. If you used a mod manager, refer to its instructions.


Zombe's Mod Pack: Install Zombe's first, then install TMI over it, overwriting one class file. Edit Zombe's config.txt file and turn off the "craft" mod. (TMI provides fast crafting -- see above).

ConvenientInventory: Install TMI first, then install the TMI-compatible version of ConvenientInventory over it.

Lahwran's In-game Invedit: Compatible

Items added by mods, in general: Compatible


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